• Structural Engineering Consultancy:
    • Technical report on damages for the recovery of the Steel Structure of a burnt down hangar
  • Engineering Design for Mechanic Installations:
    • Design and engineering of linear drilling automated lines.
    • Design and engineering of a linear conveyor skid for cut and drill.
    • Design and engineering for pressure equipment
  • Calculation Services:
    • Calculation and dimensioning of reinforces for drum conforming device.
    • Calculation of loose flanges for OFFSHORE pieces.
    • Calculation and dimensioning of a 25T crane bridge.
    • Calculation and CE Marking of 120MT and 200T lifting beams for the assembly of hydrodesulphuration reactor equipment.
    • Calculation of 150T motorized turners.
    • Calculation of mobile barrow for 150T motorized turners.



  • RING BEAM Communication Towers Steel Structures
  • Antenna Interface SAAR 20VV ROMAT
  • Antenna Support for radiation outfit ADS-B
  • Fabrication and mechanic installation of a thermal treatment furnace chimney
  • Fabrication, mechanic installation, SAT (Site Acceptance Tests) and commissioning in service of a conveyor skid for a cut and drill line.
  • Mechanic installation, SAT (Site Acceptance Tests), and commissioning in service of linear automatic drillers.
  • Maintenance and Repair:
    • Substitution of engines in railway traction units and repair of gears protection.
    • Maintenance of Refractory Material fabrication plant
    • Check inspection, adaptation and certification of lifelines on a rigid rail on Thermal Power Stations installations.