DBVservices Portfolio, expects to provide tailored solutions to specific needs, thisis, unique services due to its characteristics..

“We develop Projects where others only see impossible”

Comprehensive Projects

We help the Client to identify his need and we achieve the most adequate solution.

In this Service, the scope is complete (engineering, procurement and construction) and the Client values the contribution of DBVservices for the solution offered and the responsibility accepted.


This Service is focused towards those Clients requiring a solution framed within the Mechanic Engineering, mainly, not excluding other Specialities.

The scope of these Services may vary, from the simple objective validation of the adopted solution up to the delivery of Technical Documentation for the execution of a Project.


At DBVServices, we are specialized in Projects Subcontracting. Please do not hesitate to tell us about your needs. We will be delighted to listen and help.


When the Client has already identified a need and decided an acquisition, our aim is to give the Fabrication Service in the conditions determined by the Client himself, based in the product purpose.

During the execution of the Service we offer the Technical Assessment for the good and correct attainment of it, being an added value that goes along with the process optimization by means of innovation and a highly qualified Project Management, always aiming to fulfill all the requirements and justifying everything through Technical Documentations..


Please kindly see in this Section information about some of our Referral Projects, both Engineering and Fabrication.