Engineering services

ON ENGINEERING SERVICES we have specialized on Mechanic Engineering (structural and dynamic), fluid mechanics, electric, electronic, automatization and energetic (conventional and renewable)

In regards to this, we use the most up to date technological tools, always keeping as our target the achievement of the most adequate solution.

Within this area we develop the following Services:

  • Preliminary design and feasibility study.
  • Basic design to define the general lines and basic ideas of the Project as a base for the development of the detailed engineering.
  • Analysis and FEM Calculations (Finite Element Method) ABACUS, ANSYS and ROBOT.
  • Detailed Engineering. Development of the construction plans. SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, AUTOCAD.
  • Prototype fabrication and analysis.
  • Design and performance of the product approval tests.
  • Consultancy, Technical and Expert Reports.
  • Technical appraisals.
  • Failures Study. This includes the study, analysis and determination of possible breakage causes.
  • Technical Documentation. IPP (Inspection Points Program), ‘As Built’ plans.
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