Mechanical Engineering Projects Subcontracting

At DBVservices we are able to develop multiple engineering works, acting as a subcontractor for your Company. Subcontracting or outsourcing projects allows a mercantile to transfer resources and responsibilities to a third external Company, managerial or subcontractor, focused in providing such specialized services.

In our particular case, among all the services we offer as possible outsourcing solutions for your projects, we specialize in Mechanic Engineering subcontracting.

The type of subcontracting we usually offer is comprehensive: our Clients subcontract our personnel and resources. In other occasions the Client could also subcontract only our personnel and they can supply their own resources (premises, hardware and software).

Your company, as Subcontractor, will transfer us part of the administrative and operational control of the subcontracted project, which DBVservices will manage as  of our own. This relation implies an important bidirectional information exchange, trust and coordination. Outsourcing your projects with DBVservices, you will be betting on professionalism and relief.



Mechanic Engineering Projects

Mechanic Engineering is the part of Engineering that applies mechanic, thermodynamics, structure analysis and fluid mechanics principles. These principles are used to develop projects based in the analysis and design of several elements currently used (machinery, vehicles, industrial process…).Mainly, subcontracted projects within mechanic engineering scope are focused in construction, refurbishment, repair, maintenance, installing and assembly or use of structures and installations, mechanic equipment or industrial plants. The solutions for mechanic engineering projects, being such a wide field, usually imply the use of physical principles for the analysis, design and fabrication of devices and machinery. To achieve these solutions, mechanic engineers work with principles such as strength, heat, mass or energy conservation.


Mechanic Engineering Solutions

Mechanic engineering solutions provided from DBVservices to your Company are profesional solutions, backed by our wide experience in the development of mechanic engineering projects.

The most generic fields included within Mechanic Engineering, although sometimes could deal with common subjects with other Engineering Sciences (as Thermodynamics or Electric Engineering) are:

  • Energy
  • Fabrication
  • Production
  • Materials
  • Solids Mechanics: static and dynamic (typically structures and machines)
  • Fluid Mechanics

Should you wish to have more information, you are kindly invited to check our References and the Sections of this Website detailing our Services: Fabrication, Engineering and Projects.

For more detailed information, the best way is to contact us so we can advice you about the subcontracting of your Project. We will tell you how we work, why we are your best option and you will see that dealing with us is the trust and relief you are looking for.

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