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This project developed in recent weeks, has aimed to strengthen mutual knowledge among a total of eleven entities, including industrial companies and cross-cutting organizations, and identify existing complementarities to be able to jointly address international business opportunities.

After several work sessions supported and directed excellently by the staff of MetaIndustry4, the result generated has been very positive and will be materialized in a catalog of integral solutions for Conventional Energy, which will be presented at the P.E.I. that will be organized by ASTUREX in the next month of January, as well as in the METAL FORUM to be held in the month of June, in order to provide the international dissemination.

From DBVservices we want to thank MetaIndustry4 for this initiative, as well as the rest of the participating companies and collaborators in the development of the project, for the pleasant experience, the knowledge provided and the opportunity for the future generated.